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Technical translations, scientific translations, technische Übersetzungen, traducciones técnicas, traductions techniques, traductions scientifiques NORAKTRAD


T: (+34) 91 519 92 65
T:(+34) 93 415 75 32

Corporate presentation - About us

Noraktrad S.L. was founded in 1993, as part of the Norak Group, currently being the best positioned company in the group.

Noraktrad’s objective is to supply services related to language use, such as translation, interpretation, the writing and correction of texts and similar services.

Since its incorporation, the vocation and objective of Noraktrad’s team has been to offer a HIGH QUALITY SERVICE to our customers.

The group’s traditional business areas have been the technological sector, the medical and pharmaceutical sector, patents and trademarks and the legal sector. The most typical language combinations are those related to Western languages. With our continuous growth throughout these years, we have increased and expanded on services and sectors, currently offering language services in all languages and in all sectors.

To achieve this, Noraktrad has an excellent team of qualified professionals specialized in different areas and languages. Over 500 translators currently collaborate with us and we have collaboration agreements with different Universities.

The degree of satisfaction of our customers is extremely high as shown by our customer portfolio, since many of them have remained with us right from the start of the company. The loyalty of our customers is compensated by the effort of our staff in their daily work, placing emphasis on CUSTOMER SERVICE, QUALITY OF THE END PRODUCT and COMPLIANCE WITH THE SUBMISSION DEADLINE: these are the characteristics that differentiate us from our competitors.

The group’s head office is in Madrid and our desire to be present internationally has led us to open offices in Barcelona, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin.

Quality and Confidentiality Policy


Noraktrad has developed its own Quality System that meets all quality requirements demanded by the specific translation standard UNE 17100. Our internal working procedures are based on this standard.

QUALITY together with CUSTOMER SERVICE are the determining and differentiating factors with respect to other companies of the competition.

The QUALITY system starts with the right choice of translator-proofreader team to guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the translated end product.

Furthermore, feedback with the customer is of vital importance in order to be able to consider both technical aspects (specific or the customer’s own vocabulary, joint preparation of glossaries, localization, use of translation memories,..) and of the style and presentation of the end product, as well as the speed in performing the project bearing in mind the submission deadline(s).

On the other hand, it is essential to know the DEGREE OF SATISFACTION OF THE CUSTOMER. This is a PRIORITY in Noraktrad both to take IMPROVEMENT MEASURES and for achieving CUSTOMER LOYALTY.
We have a system to measure this DEGREE OF SATISFACTION that also complies with the requirements of standard ISO 9001.

The ISO 9001:2015 quality standard ensures that NORAKTRAD studies each project in detail, selecting only the best and most qualified professionals to undertake assignments and submitting all projects to strict quality control procedures with the aim of achieving complete customer satisfaction.NORAKTRAD has established a series of internal procedures designed in compliance with this standard and aimed at achieving this objective.

The ISO 17100:2015 standard adds another stage to this process: Translations are carried out by specialist translators and with this standard they are also revised by an independent qualified linguist then submitted to a strict quality control procedure before being sent to the customer. The translation process therefore comprises three stages:Translation and revision by the translator, revision by another professional linguist and the quality control process used by NORAKTRAD for all their translations.

Confidentiality Policy

Our policy is very strict in order to guarantee the absolute confidentiality of each project:

  • We sign Confidentiality Agreements with those clients who choose this option (they can be comprehensive and/or relating to specific projects),
  • All our collaborators, whether in-house or external, must sign Confidentiality Agreements according to law before starting to work with us.

We have also contracted a guaranteed DOCUMENT DESTRUCTION service for documents in paper or electronic format with a leading company in the sector.

High-level security files

Noraktrad meets all the security requirements established by the Spanish Data Protection Agency and, pursuant to applicable legislation, the files are registered in the General Register of this agency. In accordance with law, HIGH level security measures are implemented for files when these contain sensitive data, consequently, Noraktrad is authorised to process these files. Furthermore, Noraktrad undergoes mandatory security audits, pursuant to the Data Protection Act.

Noraktrad holds the Security Document for Automated Files containing high-level security personal data and therefore meets all the technical and organisational requirements that apply to the protection, confidentiality, integrity and availability of the processed personal data pursuant to the Data Protection Act.

Any storage media containing personal data shall enable the type of information contained therein to be identified and inventoried and they shall be stored in a place determined by the company with access restricted to authorised persons only. Additionally, they shall be stored pursuant to the regulations established by the Personal Data Act and labelling regulations for storage media.

This is why so many of our clients trust us to translate highly confidential information concerning medical records, arms, legal issues, etc. that require extremely high levels of security and confidentiality.

Civil Liability Insurance

We have CIVIL LIABILITY INSURANCE to cover, where necessary, the payment of any compensation we may be civilly liable for due to financial damages caused to our clients because of faults or errors in the course of professional activity. However, throughout our long business activity, Noraktrad has never had to deal with any incident of the aforementioned characteristics.

Compliance Noraktrad

Noraktrad has a strict Code of Ethics (Compliance) for regulating the business practices of the company, its employees, directors and collaborators in cases of conflicts of interest between them or with third party suppliers or clients. Therefore, Noraktrad has undertaken to offer a transparent account of its management and its financial and accountancy information, to act with integrity with its clients and to ensure fair competition with other companies within the sector, promoting equal opportunities for employees and a healthy and safe working environment.

Likewise, as a result of this Code of Ethics (Compliance) all third parties, with which Noraktrad collaborates, must comply with obligations that go beyond international legal standards adopted with regard to human and labour rights and the fight against discrimination.

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Recognitions and awards

On the occasion of the presentation of the book “LAS COLECCIONES DE ARTE ANTIGUO EN MADRID” by Emil Hübner, the company NORAKTRAD was praised for the excellent quality of such a demanding translation.

Membership of Chambers of Commerce and others

Noraktrad is actively involved in European business and, therefore, belongs to a number of organisations, such as:

  • Member of the British Chamber of Commerce in Spain
  • Member of the German Chamber of Commerce in Spain
  • Member of the Official Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Germany
  • Member of the Official Chamber of Commerce of Belgium and Luxembourg in Spain
  • Member of the Franco Spanish Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Spain
  • Partners of the Licensing Executives Society - Spain and Portugal
  • Member of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong
  • Member of CHINALUX China – Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce
Approved UE

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