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Superstitious? Not me!

by | Mar 11, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Are you superstitious? I’m not, but today I’m crossing my fingers, my eyes and toes and if I had a rabbit’s foot I’d be wearing it as an earring! I’m do hope that bad things come in threes, because yesterday three very inconvenient, time-consuming and expensive happened, all on the same day.

The first was very minor. I’m off to Italy for a week’s holiday today, and I have been getting everything organised for my departure for days. Wash the doggies, wash the doggies’ bedding and buy food and doggie treats to take to the dog sitter. Call the dog sitter and arrange to get them picked up. Wash everything washable in the house. Empty the fridge, water the plants, scrub the loo!  Do I sound OCD? No! I just like to walk in to my home on my return from a trip to find everything as it should be and sigh, “Home Sweet Home”, rather than opening open the door and thinking, “The whole house smells like a dog bed!”

Contretemps number one. My last step before a holiday is always a trip to the local beauty salon for a manicure. There’s nothing like some cheerful ‘holiday nails’ to put you in the mood, however, yesterday I received a message at ten past nine from my beautician reminding me that my appointment had started ten minutes ago and she was fully booked for the rest of the day. Disappointed, yet not defeated, I jumped in my car, and dashed down the road to make an appointment at another salon for two o’clock that afternoon.

Contretemps number two. Next stop, fill up the car for my drive to the airport in Valencia. This petrol station is ‘unmanned’. I put my card in the reader, punched in my pin number, selected ‘diesel’ and ‘full’ and started filling the car… only to realise 15 euros later that I was putting diesel in my hybrid petrol car. I yelled in horror to the surprise of the man filling up next to me with the right fuel, who told me to call my insurance company, which I did. Surprise, surprise! My insurance company does not cover me for this type of stupidity, but arranged the tow truck which I paid for online (€90) to take my car to a local garage.

Contretemps number three. After walking home, luckily just 10 minutes away, although uphill, I’ll tell you, and it was quite hot yesterday, I sat down to finish up some last bits of work and, lo and behold, Studio 2019 wouldn’t work (I had updated it the previous day) and I had to restore my computer and am still downloading all my programmes.

That makes three disasters… but I had some good luck, too. The nice man at the repair workshop washed out my tank and my car is once again in perfect working order, but that moment of stupidity cost me a total of €190 euros, more than my flight to Naples. And, I have to say, that Swiss lady made a lovely job of my nails…

Juliet Allaway